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What is the best clinically validated next generation sequencing (NGS) panel and data analysis software for rapid and reliable detection of BRCA 1/2 mutations?

BRCAaccuTest NGS was in 2020 the most reliable next generation sequencing in vitro diagnostic (IVD) of mutations in BRCA1 /BRCA2 genes.

What exactly contains my BCRAaccutest?

BRCAaccuTest contains an NGS panel for detecting variants and clinical data analysis software (S/W).

Rapid and precise detection of various mutations in BRCA 1/2 with NGS can be accomplished and the user-oriented analysis software enables convenient generation of clinical report.

Protocol for BCRA detection

  1. Detection of mutations in the whole exon region coding for BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene proteins
  2. Experiment in 2 days (Hands on time 5 hrs)
  3. Using gDNA extracted from blood or FFPE
  4. PCR amplicon-based library production
  5. Provide data QC, analysis and automated variant information by using optimized analysis software for BRCA1 and 2 panels
  6. Production and management from GMP and ISO 13485 certified organizations
  7. CE-IVD / KFDA Class III

The procedure for BRCA1 & 2 DNA Library Preparation is:

DNA Anlysis
Ngene DNA profiles



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GENGB111VKA BRCAaccuTest BRCA Amplicon Primer Mix 1BRCA Amplicon Primer Mix 2Hot Start PCR I Master MixLigation MixAmplicon DNA AdapterPCR II Barcoded Primer Mix N1~N24PCR II Master MixNuclease-Free WaterControl DNA, 5 ng/ulResuspension BufferCleanup Bead24
GENGB112VIA BRCAaccuTest PLUSBRCA Primer Mix 1BRCA Primer Mix 2PCR I PolymerasePCR I BufferER Enzyme MixER BufferAL Enzyme MixAL EnhancerAdapterUDG EnaymeIndex PCR Master MixIndex Primer 1~12Universal PrimerControl DNA, 5 ng/ul12


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